About Hilltop Urban Farm


Hilltop Urban Farm is a nonprofit, community-centered farm in Pittsburgh’s Hilltop community. Located on 107 acres of land – with 23 acres dedicated to farming – it is a multi-pronged initiative that produces locally-grown crops, provides agriculture-based education, generates entrepreneurial opportunities, and strengthens communities. Hilltop Urban Farm is set to transform the land it currently occupies. Given its size, scope and reach, it will ultimately become the largest urban farm in the United States and serve as a resource for urban farming initiatives.

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The Master Plan team included Aaron Sukenik (Hilltop Alliance), Ernie Sota (Sota Construction), Bernie Lamm P.E. (Common Ground), Beth Anderson R.L.A (InSite Design), Sarah Ashley Baxendell (Hilltop Alliance), and Michael Sands (Prairie Crossing Foundation).

Our Programs

Central to our mission are three core programs: youth-centered education; a workforce training program for new adult urban farmers; and an active, accessible farmers’ market. Learn more about the direction of each core program, and how Hilltop Urban Farm will ultimately act as a dynamic asset for local communities.


What is an Urban Farm?

Urban farming, or urban agriculture, is the practice of farming in or around a city, village or town. Adopted by cities across the United States and throughout the globe, urban farming can take the form of backyard, rooftop and balcony gardening, as well as community gardening in vacant lots and parks. Source. While location and output varies from farm to farm, all urban farms share a common thread: the active engagement of local communities with the production of locally-grown food.